Org: Down Below Basement Show

Org: Down Below Basement Show

not actual location

a limited capacity in-person* event with live music & animated shorts in the basement at cloud club

friday, december 9th, 2022

doors: 7:30pm

show starts at ≈ 8pm


live music by:

line on some trip

French-Middle-Eastern anti/alt-folk singer-songwriter touring with her pandemic-recorded album to ease anxiety and depression

singer mali

your host performing in trio formation with Tony Leva (bass) and Dylan Jack (drums). we’re fresh from a mini-tour and feeling inspired to keep up the performing and sharing of the new music

+ animated shorts curated by Bryan Parcival 

tickets here:


* masks optional

A Night About You – 4/13/18

A NIGHT ABOUT YOU  – Friday April 13th – A house concert featuring About You + Toledo + Olivia Barton

About You
sensitive, skilled, subtle, & sublime
Olivia Barton
Olivia Barton is a singer/songwriter from Orlando, Florida who writes indie folk rock songs in the vein of The Staves and Phoebe Bridgers. Her songs feature a pure voice swimming in dark guitars, singing about sad things she never intended to tell strangers.

Doors 7:30pm, show at 8pm ••• suggested donation: $15-$20 + food/drink to share.
SPACE IS LIMITEDYou must RSVP to attend. Please email [] to RSVP and for address
past presenters & performers

past presenters & performers

Leah Acker — neuroscientist
Adam Anderson — astrophysicist
Yasmine Azaiez — musician
Eren Başbuğ — musician
Katherine Behar — academic, artist
Khiara Bridges — law & anthropology professor, dancer
Paul Bush — filmmaker
Mika Cooper — reformed academic
Michael Dewberry — builder
Joe Dumit — anthropologist of science
Judson Evans — poet
Dylan Foley — musician, composer
Bill Gardner — sound engineer
Adam Glasseye — musician, songwriter
Nate Greenslit — anthro-apologist
Burcu Guleç — singer
Giles Hall — builder
Wes Hazard — comedian
Jenny Herzog — dancer, musician
Sarah Hughes — saxophonist
Max Jackson — didgeridoo player
Dan (“the Bagel Man”) Kontoff — activist
Rebecca Kopycinski — musician, multimedia
Jerry Leake — percussionist
Charmaine Lee — vocalist
Tony Leva — musician
Ruth Lingford — filmmaker
Cassandra Long — artist, writer
David Mann — psychiatrist
Wythe Marschall — historian of science, writer, futurist
Jacob Moses — historian of science
Jacqueline Olds — psychiatrist
Amanda Palmer — singer, songwriter, author
Daniel Pencer — saxophonist
Brandon Perdomo — photographer
Liz Roncka — dancer
Sophia Roosth — historian of science
Jason Sanford — musician, builder
Mali Sastri — singer, songwriter
Curt Savoie — principal data scientist for the City of Boston
Richard Schwartz — psychiatrist
Arian Shafiee — musician
Gene Shinozaki — beat-boxer
Norah Solorzano — animator
Vessela Stoyanova — marimbist, composer
Janaka Stucky — poet, former undertaker
Marianne Thompson — Plein Air painter
Drew Wesely — guitarist
Cally Womick — artist, model
Georgia Young — musician
Vika Zafrin — cook

BODIES, part 1

Max Jackson & Gene Shinozaki (The Beat Travelers) – beatbox and didgeridoo performance
Wythe Marschall (historian of science, writer, futurist) – “The Human Body: A Report From The Future”
Janaka Stucky (poet, former undertaker) – Reflections on the postmortem care of nearly 2,000 bodies
Marianne Thompson (Plein Air painter) & Nate Greenslit (anthro-apologist) – A joint presentation on electro-convulsive therapy and art