The Dome


The structural crown jewel of the Cloud Club is a geodesic dome built into the apex of the building on a cantilever deck with a tree ladder for access.

A model of an intuitive building process that is, both effectively and literally, outlawed in the 21st century, the dome stands as a celebration of those unique individuals determined to create their own personal realities.

The Garden


Using the discarded bricks, stones, marble and gates of demolished neighborhood buildings as the seeds of a metaphoric terraforming, the Cloud Club garden did more than simply convert trash filled urban lots into a lush green zone.

The Cloud Club garden introduced the neighborhood to a unique re-imagining of environmental possibility.

The Spirit


While Lee’s so-called body of work is impressive, he doesn’t actually allow it the title of art. For Lee art is an intuitive process that is part of our human nature and is imbued within everyone at birth – a process of seeing, a spirit of being. These items are the result of art. Not the art itself.

A Collage


A process of active wakefulness in one’s life, true “art” is a spirit of being that allows for an openness to patterns outside of preconception. What Lee often refers to as “listening to what wants to happen”.