Org is a multi-disciplinary event series produced, curated, and hosted by musician/performer and Cloud Club resident Singer Mali. Org takes mainly at Cloud Club, and always features live music, and very often film, spoken word, dance, storytelling, animation, theater, puppetry, and live painting. Since 2008 and up to Feb 2023, Mali has produced fifty-eight Org events, and counting.


Orgs occur at under-the-radar spaces in greater Boston, most often at the Cloud Club, as well as established venues, most often at Oberon.


Orgs are often ‘themed’ events, with performers creating and sharing work inspired by such varied topics as: censorship, intoxication, asylum, androgyny, prom, the elements, the ’80s, torch songs, homemade, soundtrack, musicals, murder ballads, improvisation, etc.

Org features and highlights local-to-the-Boston-area performers, but also showcases artists from around the country and around the world.

Over the years, the Org series has become a fixture in the Boston arts scene, and one that offers more than just a space for Boston-and-beyond artists to share their work ~ these events have become a source of community. Orgs are intimate and personal. Friendships are formed. Artistic collaborations are forged. Connections are made.

During the Coronavirus pandemic, Org went remote:

If you would like to be on the Org email list, or are a performer interested in contributing to an upcoming Org, email Mali