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“How Neuroscience Reinforces Racist Drug Policy” (The Atlantic)

“LSD’s Long, Strange Comeback” (Zócalo Public Square)

“Antidepressants and advertising: psychopharmaceuticals in crisis” (Yale Journal of Biology & Medicine)

“Why YouTube Matters to the Science of Depression” (Wired)

“6 Most Badassed Self-Inflicted Medical Experiments” (Cracked)



LostMarbles-Vessela-500I have recently launched the Lost Marbles Salon. This is a series of events that combines lecture-style presentations with music, performance art, and art installations, with each salon addressing a particular theme (recent ones have included “secrets,” “bodies,” and “circuits”).

Past participants have included a neuroscientist, a contortionist, an undertaker-poet, a beatboxer-didgeridoo duo, a plein air painter, an anthropologist, a mechanical engineer. With my multiple hats as an academic, writer, and performer, I am lucky enough to be networked into these very different scenes, which I can now pull together to transform how to explore and experience a given topic or idea. The Lost Marbles Salon is held at Cloud Club. Read More

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