Lee Barron


Leslie D. Barron (09/15/1941) is a Montana born, multi-medium “outsider artist” who rents his two old Boston townhouses to media artists in his art environment called the Cloud Club.

Described as “A man on a mission”, Barron is noted for his all-inclusive approach to art which spans architecture, writing, illustration, furniture making, video and more. He is a “Generalist”” in a time of increasing specialization, believing there is no separation between art and life itself.

Barron eschews commercial definitions of “Art” – with a capitol “A” – as simply the execution of preconceived ideas, contending that art is not defined by its products, but is a process which is part of our human nature and imbued within everyone at birth.

This process, which he describes as “listening to what wants to happen”, is an act of “openness to patterns outside of preconception” and thusly “the act of wakefulness in one’s life”. He contends that Nature recreates anomalies like himself, particularly sensitive to these patterns, as a way of introducing an adaptive alternative process to balance the established structures of dominant cultural institutions.


The Cloud Club is a living model of that adaptive alternative process.